The Easy Way to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15, 2014

September 15th is a double whammy. It’s Guatemalan Independence Day, celebrating liberation from Spain in 1821. And it’s the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month in the US, which (kind of bizarrely) extends until October 15.

I dig an opportunity to celebrate a theme, especially ones important to our family like these. Since my kids have many friends who are not Hispanic, I have also tried to think of ways to include other families in our heritage celebrations. I want to keep our family's multicultural identity incorporated into our life in ways that feel authentic and connect us to others.

So I throw the easiest party in the world. I invite friends to join us at a local Guatemalan restaurant for dinner. We're grateful for adventurous, globally-minded friends who jump at the chance to try new things and show Billy a little love by embracing his culture.

We've learned a couple things in our experience of this tradition. We call ahead and let the restaurant know we're bringing a group. And this year we pre-ordered appetizers for the hungry "kids" to eat while we wait.

I also went all out and printed Guatemalan-themed coloring/activity sheets for the kids. If you're interested in the specifics or looking for some yourself, you can find them on my Pinterest board. Finally, I have been wondering what to do with the plethora of Guatemalan coins hiding throughout our house. So I gathered them up and gave each kid their very own Quetzal.

I love parties, but I rarely have time to plan them. This gathering has become something I look forward to in September. It's a fun way to honor my kids' Hispanic heritage and an easy on-ramp for our friends to join in the celebration!

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Immigration Facts to Shock Friends at Parties

September 11, 2014

Image Source: Ryan Wiedmaier

Every now and then, it happens. I've having a casual conversation about cupcakes, and immigration comes up. I'm sure that's a common experience.

But then I'll make some off-handed comment. And people will respond "What? What?" And not the good kind where we "raise the roof" even though we're too old for those shenanigans.

Source: Giphy

No, people are legitimately shocked. So today I'll share the three immigration bombs that tend to get the biggest reactions in conversation. Feel free to use them to stun your party guests and hopefully start productive conversations about our country's deep need for reform.

It's a 15-year wait to immigrate legally to the US from Guatemala.

I used to be a person who asked, "Why don't people just immigrate legally?" I never had a philosophical problem with folks moving here, I just thought it was a paperwork issue being neglected.

Turns out I was totally wrong. There are only 5,000 visas a year for "low-skilled" workers. To put that in context, in 1910, approximately 5,000 low-skilled workers entered through Ellis Island every day. (Source)

For many immigrants (especially from certain countries), legal entry is simply not an option. I have heard stories of Central American parents putting their newborns "on the list" in hopes that they might receive a visa for entry when they are older. And actually, some would disagree with my 15-year wait statement. That may not be long enough.

My in-laws are not allowed to visit us.

You may confuse friends if you say that exact sentence and it doesn't apply in your situation. But it's true. And every time I tell people this fact, they are floored.

Billy's parents applied twice for visitor visas so they could attend our wedding. They were denied both times without any explanation. After retaining the couple hundred dollars in application fees, the US Embassy simply told them to, "Try again." We have not because of the cost involved and our doubt for success. Sadly, my in-laws missed the births of both of our children.

Some immigrants must leave the country for a 10 year "punishment" in order to receive a visa.

Many immigrants who enter the country illegally are required to return home for 10 years as a part of their legalization process. Billy and I had a scare where we thought this 10 year bar would apply in our circumstance.

However, because Billy entered legally (and was able to pay to replace for his paperwork proving this fact), we did not have to move to Guatemala. This experience points to the class differences in how immigration cases are handled.

Many mixed status couples have a different result. I featured Heather's story last year. Her family is waiting out the permanent bar in Mexico.

I hope one day I won't have any facts about immigration that shock people. Until then, I pray for reform, and I hope you will too.

What have you learned that surprised you about immigration?

World of Wow: Share Your Story!

September 08, 2014

Original Image Source: Flickr

Isn't this world we live in so incredible? Travel is definitely one of my favorite things. I've loved the places I've been, and I've got a bucket list a mile long of places I'd love to see.

So I thought a fun travel series would be in order. I'm requesting submissions so I can travel vicariously with you this fall. So here's the deal: Choose any place, near or far, and share something that surprised you when you visited or lived there. The first sentence for submitted posts is this prompt:

When I went to ___________, I never expected ____________________.

Then tell your story. I'm so excited. I can't wait to hear about your excursions. Need a few ideas to get you started? Here's a few I could write, mixed with ones I just made up.

When I went to Kenya, I never expected to need an ice pick.
When I went to Atlanta, I never expected to eat boiled pig's feet. 
When I went to Guatemala, I never expected to see a mother nursing on a motorcycle.
When I went to Thailand, I never expected to fall in love.
When I went to Pennsylvania, I never expected to learn so much about my mother. 
When I went to Uruguay, I never expected to understand power and privilege in a new way.
When I went to Cancun, I never expected the water to actually be turquoise.

I mean... seriously. That water is ridiculous. 

The story you tell is up to you. You can celebrate the beauty, the culture, the people. Or you may share honestly about the challenges. You can make us laugh or make us think. 

If you have any question, please feel free to ask in the comments or contact me directly. Otherwise, let's get this party started! You can choose your date and register here.
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