How to Survive A Snake Attack: A Drama Queen's Guide

Image credit: Brent Myers
I'm standing in front of the mirror in our hotel room in Mexico. Suddenly, a long, skinny, limp creature lands on my shoulder.

Given that we had watched a documentary about illegal reptile trade the night before, I knew immediately what was happening. A poisonous Mexican snake had sailed through the open window and attacked me. Naturally.

I reacted as I feel anyone would in my situation.

I screamed bloody murder and jump-lunged towards the sink area of the room all the while "brushing it off" like a frenzied Jimmy Fallon. I then crashed to the ground, slamming my shins on the tile.

Meanwhile, Billy is laughing hysterically from the bed and then rushing to my side. He laid down next to me on the floor. I'm clutching my legs while he's just shaking and laughing in my line of vision.

"Vos, it was a shoelace! I tossed it on your shoulder. I didn't expect you to react like that!"

"DID YOU JUST MEET ME????" I bellowed while laugh-crying from relief and rolling around clutching my shins.

"I mean," he put his head down and laughed again, "both your feet were off the floor and sideways! At first I was laughing, and then I was like oh no, she's really going to hurt herself."

I rolled my eyes, and we laid on the floor laughing. Then he continued, "This is not how I thought you would die."

"OH MY WORD! How exactly did you imagine my death???" I'm just going to chalk this up to a bilingual marriage moment because now that I think about, we both just howl laughed and the question was avoided.

Did I overreact? How would you respond if a vicious snake landed on your shoulder?

Jane the Virgin Creatively Addresses Immigration

The CW's breakaway hit, Jane the Virgin, has captured the hearts of viewers with its lovable characters and delicious drama. The show is an adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela "Juana la Virgen" and includes all the fun you could hope for: overlapping love triangles, dead bodies, and baby daddies. Gina Rodriguez (Jane) recently won a Golden Globe for her stellar performance.

One fantastic twist is the show's willingness to tackle important issues like immigration. Early on, we learned Jane's abuela Alba didn't have proper U.S. documents. I appreciated how the show opened the immigration can of worms with an air of nonchalance. It honors the tension many families (including my own) experience between the gravity of their immigration situation and the details of regular, day-to-day life.

But last week, the show pushed forward on the topic in a way that made me want to stand up and cheer. Three beautiful themes emerged as I was watching Episode 10.

Read the rest of this post over at G92.

10 Factors for a Successful Intercultural Marriage

This week I read the book Cross-Cultural Marriages and the Church. It was not everything I'd hoped and dreamed.

However, at the end, the author includes this list from another book, Intercultural Marriage. I wanted to share it because I found it really enlightening. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, too!

Here is what Dugan Romano lists for a healthy cross-cultural marriage:

1. Good motives for the marriage
2. Common goals
3. Sensitivity to each other's needs
4. A liking for the other's culture
5. Flexibility
6. Solid, positive self-image
7. Spirit of adventure
8. Ability to communicate
9. Commitment to the relationship
10. Sense of humor

I have been thinking about this collection of factors since I read it. I particularly agree with numbers 7, 8, and 10.

What about you? Which ones to do find especially important? Anything you'd add? Any on this list you disagree with? 
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