Let's Talk About the Sanctuary Movement

I am so excited to share this post with you! With Christianity Today, I had the opportunity to interview Alexia Salvatierra, a pastor and community organizer who has been instrumental in the New Sanctuary Movement to protect and stand with immigrants facing deportation. She is also co-founder of the Matthew 25 pledge, which is a bipartisan Christian commitment to protect and defend vulnerable people in the name of Jesus.

The conversation we shared was so powerful, and I wish every single word could have been included in the interview. But her connection and sensitivity to the real suffering of immigrants, as well as her deep spirituality in supporting the vulnerable inspired me. It's clear how her faith guides her work and how the church can be an active expression of God's love and justice.

Click over to Christianity Today to read the full interview.

How My Faith Taught Me To Stand with the Vulnerable

It's been a weird season for me faith-wise. I was telling someone this week how strange it is for me that caring for immigrants is being seen as "controversial."

Christian writer Amy Peterson recently tweeted, "Last week I had a sentence cut from a piece because the sentence suggested that Christians ought to show hospitality to refugees." I must confess I am confused and utterly disheartened by these types of testimonies.

Because for me, my faith has always been at the root of standing with others in vulnerable situations. I was raised to believe that following Jesus meant "going against the flow," and very often, that means coming alongside those who are being ignored, persecuted, or abused.

Today at Off the Page, I am writing about the ways my faith has informed my actions and how I'm hoping to teach my children to stand with others as well. Click here to read the post!

What I've Learned About Our Immigration System

Recent months have been discouraging in so many ways for immigrant families and immigrant advocates. But these days have also brought some unexpected surges of hope and joy.

One encouragement for me has been watching the Church come alive in support of immigrants. Of course, not everyone, but I've seen a new wave of compassion and a desire to learn more about what's going on for recent arrivals to our country.

D.L. Mayfield is a writer and fierce advocate of the poor and marginalized. Not too long ago, she did an interview here at A Life with Subtitles about her recent book, Assimilate or Go Home. It's a terrific read, and I recommend it for beautiful reflections on being a "missionary" and an inside look at life with refugee families.

For Lent, D.L. kicked off a blog series to learn more about illegal immigration in the United States. I was honored to be included, writing a guest post sharing five things I learned dating and marrying an undocumented immigrant. I'd love for you to visit her blog and check it out!

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